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Trudging that warpath ever onwards, ey?
Sun's outfit is amazing in this one.

linda-mota responds:

always with manic dep[ressive assholes lmao

I do enjoy. I've absolutely got a soft spot for art that reminds me of early 90's/late 80's PC promotional/advertising graphics, so that's one hyper-specific niche you've got covered.

Nice album to go with it, too.

I feel like looking at this is going to reduce a sanity meter or something.

Anyway, great job with the caustics. I'd say to watch the density of the effect - how spaced out the actual caustics are makes me think that this is meant to be a wee critter, but the wind wave density up top makes me think it's meant to be an incredibly large one.

It's the opposite of a big deal. You could always do the scale cheat sheet and throw in some birds. Underwater. It'll work.

Good picture.

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sucho responds:

i learned a new word! yes its not meant to be very big, since i did copy the light patterns from pictures of people underwater, but i couldn't find good reference for the water meniscus at the top. now that i look at it i probably shouldn't have had so many light panes filtering down.

Yo Zane - it's a shame you didn't finish it, I'd say this is one of your best examples of colourized work!

Still, great story behind it, and if nothing else, a piece that tells a story is totally worth showing off.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Thanks Linty, I definitely agree with that. Dunno how I can re replicate the colors from what I did here but I'm sure I'll figure it out one day

14 megabytes for a poster is slightly terrifying.

Still turned out well even if the robot does kind of look like it's crying. Sad about life. Never showed up to its Diode's deathbed. The colours are pretty good too.

radiodark responds:

Haha. I was thinking it looked kinda like little light bulbs, but tears are okay too.


FZD grad eh? Well, looking good, man!

You know for a self-portrait I feel it gives too much away. You're really putting yourself out to be doxxed here. Just saying, be a bit more careful showing so much recognizable skin.

Lizertdesign responds:

Ya well, i wasn't that good at fzd XD i gathered information there, but couldnt use it at the time.
Now i am just trying to apply techniques, study other artists, Just like everyone else i guess :)

Sure, i shouldn't put myself in the spotlight like that XD

Ah fuck, I forgot about it this year and he only advertises the bloody mailbag timing on his twitter.

All the same, great work. You've perfectly captured what it means to be MechaGameZilla in one simple picture.

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I did something similar where I had a little file for my desktop wallpaper and I'd just edit it whenever something notable happened with a commemoration or comment or scribble. Just to see where it'd end up. Eventually ended up so artifacted and retarded that it was a genuine loss for the world when I deleted it because it was stupid.

Anyway it's a pretty cool initiative for something I'm sure that you were sure that nobody else was going to see, Digital Devil Saga is the shit, and I liked that gradient tapestry in the background way more than I probably ought to, it's a shame you opted for the Photoshop outer glow effect (yeah it's probably manually done but whatever) instead of just layering the chicks on top and letting the scene breathe.

sucho responds:

i never trust that my lines read well enough to have clear borders, but yeah, i'm sick of my old trick of glows too.. had it been intended to stack them that way i would have shaded it properly, but each girl belonged to her own image so they were never meant to harmonize on a single piece :/

I say embrace the incomprehensible nature. This picture wouldn't be nearly as interesting with shading, you should experiment with negative space more often.

Although I'm not sure if it's on purpose, the limbs are really humanoid for a creature. Excluding the vestigal ones. I mean fair bet it's on purpose to increase the unsettling nature, but as this is a one way medium of review death of the author is necessary for some really lame speculation.

Anyway neat work, upload more shit like this.

5 stars because who gives a fuck about stars on these reviews.

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sucho responds:

for a largely animal-like creature i think i tend to rely on more ape-like appendages and with human-faced creatures i go for more animal limbs. faces, and i think the way we perceive how something moves/manipulates via legs and arms are the easiest way to discern human/non human creatures. When i do any being that requires either sympathy or a level of respect/admiration from the viewer, i'll tend to mix in some, but not all of those primate bits.

Always the trouble, isn't it? When you sort of regress into direct painting instead of deconstructing and analyzing every little thing to get the most out of it. Whether it's still lives, plein airs, figure drawing, whatever.

All the same you did a pretty damn good job.

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SimonT responds:

yeah, it is just so easy to lost yourself in the flow of the painting.

Wish you were here~~

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