Allo allo.

2017-06-11 10:56:27 by Lintire

Yeah this ones just to knock the previous one off the page.

Just hanging around. Not dead. Guess I'm on more sites but generally everything'll be uploaded here anyway so that's that for that, kind of a worthless newspost.

But you can say hello, and then I'll say hello back and it can be a bit of a back and forth for a while.


Here, have a doodle featuring a sad MechaGameZilla.














I know it looks like a caricature, but he just looks like that.


2016-11-24 10:26:34 by Lintire

Have you ever thought "Man I wish I had enough reason to draw Santa Claus as Cleopatra wooing Marc Antony"? Or "boy howdy things sure are slow around here, I really wish I could draw a picture in a rapidly approaching art collaboration put together by the art forum here on, home of the now removed Numa Numa and Livecorpse videos."

Well worry no longer, small child, for I have the thread for you!




Amazing, wonderful, terrible, yes. And it really doesn't matter whether or not you draw like a grade schooler or John Sargent, because against the best interests of just about everyone involved I've put myself in charge and I don't even really care about my own life, let alone this.

Listen, just feel free to discuss ideas or make fun of other people's ideas in the thread, post whacky conspiracy theories involving Santa Claus while shit I just gave away all my plans to justify repeatedly bumping the thread.

It's not a serious affair or anything, just have fun and you know, don't be a total prick because that's my job.